v3.0.3 – July 19th, 2020

New Features:

  • Worlds will now unload 90 seconds after the last player leaves them.
  • IC2 has been replaced with IC2 Classic to remedy issues with the mod that were causing a buildup of lag the longer the server was online for.
  • GT-Classic has been added, providing players with higher tier IC2 energy
  • Advanced Solar Panels mod has been replaced with Advanced Solars Classic Edition.


  • ZPM Hubs now operate between IC2 Tiers 10 and 12 (2.7 billion EU per second peak output per side).
  • ZPM Carts now operate on IC2 Tier 6 (32768 EU per tick per side)


  • Ring platforms do not drop their item when the block is broken.
  • Chat is duplicated between test and live when someone speaks in universe.
  • Ring platforms can register themselves with the Transporter Ring network with 0 as their dimension ID.
  • Occasionally when a player interacted with a block the protection listener would fail to fire, making a protected area vulnerable to interacts.
  • CustomNPCs did not properly sync dialogs with a player during login.

Known Issues:

  • The IDSU from GTClassic has not yet been disabled, but soon will be.
  • The Microwave transmitter from GTClassic has not yet been disabled or modified, but will soon be.
  • Some custom recipes are waiting on Joey’s touch to update them from IC2 to IC2 classic.

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