v3.0.0 – July 18th, 2020

New Features:

Rings now transport players across dimensions!

Ring platforms will now:

  • Automatically sync with the nearest 5 ring platforms operating on the same frequency. They can be on a planet, in orbit or on or in orbit of one of the worlds moons.
Two new OpenComputers methods have been added to Rings:
  • getFrequency(): This returns the frequency of a ring platform.
  • setFrequency(int) : This will attempt to set the frequency of a ring platform.


  • None


  • Lots!

Known Issues:

  • There are some computer methods that need to be modified or removed and may cause issues if you decided to use them.
  • Players should NOT set an address for rings anymore under any circumstances, but may rename them if they are actively linked to a network.

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