Spawns & Future Works

So I thought as the Lead Builder on the project that it was about time that I finally put one of these up.

There are a lot of exciting things coming in the near future and recently you will have noticed a massive surge in content from the SGC, Atlantis, Destiny and other areas. What some of you don’t realise is why and that was due to an absence from myself.

But being back and having people be happy with the work am doing has given me the drive to continue the work, so this time am here to stay. Below are some current projects I am working on and what is coming in future releases.

Stargate Command:

The original design of the SGC has taken a dramatic turn of the last few years. I’m not sure how many times its been rebuilt or redesigned but its never lost its feel.

The latest version of the place, which can be seen on the right, has been the most progress so far. With the help of some changes to a Mod we have in the pack, we was able to add animated textures to the build and series logos. All this adds to the look and feel of the build and we are slowly opening this up towards the surface.

Due the size of the site, it is taking time to open areas up and the areas we have currently are relevant to the needs of the server as they currently are. But rest assured we will have the entire site opened up soon.


Atlantis has been a controversial issue lately due to the colour of the build.

As you can see by the gallery it has now been brought close to canon as possible and is slowly expanding. Although progress of expansion for Atlantis will be longer due to some layout issues.

However, for what it is now, it has proven popular with all. Plans for this build include the ability to teleport around to different areas of the tower and the piers. But the tower areas are the main priority.


In plain words this ship is HELL!

Due to the shear size of destiny and the lack of interior, this ship will indeed take some time to complete properly and fully. As you can see by the pictures progress is slow but ongoing.

Plans for the ship so far include the Mess Hall, Infirmary and the Garden area (glass dome).

Future Plans:

So onto the future plans.

As you can see to the left are some images from the spawn areas that are up and coming. Most have been added in already but not all are fully functional.

Once these spawns/areas are fully developed and ready, we will continue to open new areas to the public but its a slow process currently.

However we will also be added new and exciting features. Some of which are listed below (not in any particular order of release):

  • Abydos
  • Midway
  • Icarus
  • Argos
  • Chulak
  • Alpha Base
  • and many more…

I will not be posting here regular as we won’t always have regular updates as builds take time. However we do appreciate your patience and your investment into the project is worth the investment we make.

If you do have any questions or suggestions, please comment below and I will take time to look at ALL the feedback (only build suggestions and feedback on this section)

We now have an official launcher!

We are proud to announce the official launcher for StargateMC is now available!

It has significant advantages over Technic, namely:
  • Performs faster
  • Allows us to put our own news/latest changes dashboard into it
  • The ability to hit ‘upload logs’ from within the launcher to automatically upload your logs to, so you can provide staff with a link to help with troubleshooting.
  • More secure
  • Not dependant on a 3rd party service (such as the Solder API)
  • Deduplication for all downloaded files, which is especially beneficial for those who swap between the live and test clients.
  • The ability to have certain parts of the client flagged ‘optional’, so players can elect to not install a minimap, optifine or other client side mod if they choose not to simply by ticking a box!
  • The ability to not wipe key binds and graphics setting with each update, whilst ensuring that players get the correct defaults when they first download the client.

You may download the launcher in Linux/OSX format here, or for Windows as an executable here.

Please report any issues or suggestions for ‘optional’ client mods / configurations with the new launcher on the forums.

Image of the Official Launcher (v1.0.1)

Please be advised that whilst we currently support Technic Launcher, there are plans in the future to decommission this.

Scheduled Maintenance Notice – 3 hours – 25/6/2020

Hi All,

I’m writing to give you all some great news!

On Thursday, 25/6/2020, we’ll be migrating to a new hosting provider, thanks to our patreons!

This server will provide us with 10x the network bandwidth, 3,000x the storage speed, 5x the CPU and 3x the memory speeds, whilst covering us with premium, enterprise level support.

For those who are interested, the specifications will be:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 6-core

Memory: 32GB DDR4 2666Mhz

SSD: 500GB NVME drive x2 (Raided for redundancy)

Network Bandwidth: 1GBps

I expect that we’ll be offline for approximately 3 hours during this time – the exact time will depend on when the server is available, so I’ll keep you all posted.



Blog back in business

Hi All,

As you can see with this week’s update, we’re making great headway toward releasing Destiny before July.

I’m holding off on roleplay content for now, as I feel that we can help fill out the universe more rapidly by focusing on three key areas for the next 6 weeks:

  • Stabilising and optimising core game mechanics (such as stargates, rings and ships)
  • Getting the spawn areas into the game (SGC, Atlantis, Destiny)
  • Populating the universe with NPC mobs and non-complex interactive NPCs, such as vendors or soldiers from various factions

Once we move on from the above in July/August I’ll be focusing on balancing out things and allowing players to become evil if they so choose through September and October – befriending the Wraith, Goauld, Replicators or The Ori loyalists.. before finally, at the end of this year having ‘version 1.0’ released.

In the meantime I’m hoping to get some help with:

  • Designing & Building (or locating a schematic/world save) that could suit us for Celestis, Asgard homeworlds in Ida and Othala, A replicator stronghold, Wraith stronghold and Goauld stronghold…. the reason for so many is to give players a spawn hub no matter what faction they choose to befriend in any galaxy.
  •  Learning CustomNPCs and creating NPC mobs for the server.

Feel free to hit me up anytime with questions, issues or ideas, or voice your ideas on the issue tracker to see if they stand up to the test of other player’s feedback 🙂 

Happy gating!