Bysokar, Creator of StargateMC


Creator / Lead Developer

Bysokar formed StargateMC with friends back in 2012, using Technic 1.2.5.

With a passionate loyalty to the stargate franchise and technical skills as a ICT Engineer, he ensures our website is up to date, our backend processes and database are running.

He also taught himself Java to expand on mods like SGCraft, WarpDrive, AdvancedRocketry and CustomNPCs to create what we now see as

Bysokar’s current role with the project is that of lead developer (aka. Code Monkey) and what players often refer to as that of ‘Server Owner’.


Lead Builder

TechTheWorld_YT joined the project back in 2016 as Mainesi, and has taken on many roles – that of in-game moderator and game master before settling into his natural role as Lead Builder.

You will find traces of him in every world we create for role play purposes, from Stargate Command to Atlantis and beyond.

TechTheWorld_YT’s current role with the project is that of builder, with projects such as the refresh of Atlantis and Destiny underway.


Vehicle, Weapon and Armor Designer

Spoonikle joined the project in 2017 and rapidly gained popularity with players due to putting his modelling skills to use by developing the Stargate Weapons and Armor Pack, whilst helping out with builds on occasion.

Featuring the F302, as well as Goauld, Wraith and Ori themed weaponry and armor this pack is integral to immersive experience of the server today.

Spoonikle’s current role is that of SSWAP developer – he returns sporadically to help us along with updates to keep his content in line with the server.


Lead Graphic Designer

Maybe123 is not regularly involved in the project, however has contributed various artworks to StargateMC over the years.

Some of these works include the official StargateMC logo as well as the client main menu design…. both of which  play a key part in making the look and feel of the StargateMC experience what it is today.

Maybe123’s current role in the project is that of a texture designer, helping us expand on the new stargate types to ensure that they look as amazing as possible.


Project Contributors

Below is a list of other individuals who have helped contribute to StargateMC in one way or another, directly or indirectly.

We encourage you to reach out to them and show your support by subscribing to their Patreon or making donations  to them directly from their websites if you love their work above all else, rather than donating to itself.


Individuals who have contributed builds to StargateMC, be they large or small, currently used or used in previous seasons.


Individuals who have contributed code, or directly assisted our developers with their coding efforts on

Mod Authors

Individuals or teams of mod authors who have assisted us directly and in some cases even expanded their mod to support our vision in some way.


Individuals who at some point in our history have taken on the role of moderator, in-game admin or what is now known as a ‘GM’.


Gcewing – SGCraft

Lemadec – WarpDrive

MrJake – AUNIS Mod

… and many more!





If you feel you should be included in this page, please contact us on Discord here!