Our mission

StargateMC Team’s primary mission statement is simple – Using Minecraft as a platform, to create a canon stargate sandbox universe experience with roleplay elements, that deliberately differs from the vanilla and even traditional modded minecraft experience.

a massive universe

StargateMC has thousands of visitable planets and moons, spread out across the Milky Way, Pegasus, Ida, Othala, Alterran Home and Destiny* galaxies.

All of these locations are visitable via either Advanced Rocketry faster-than-light capable ships or stargates.

*Refers to the galaxy Destiny presently resides in.

Canon server builds

StargateMC features more than 50 worlds from the Stargate universe, hand crafted for players to experience.

As of June 2020, we have released Stargate Command, Atlantis and Destiny to players, with more coming soon as roleplay content is created.


StargateMC  has in-house developed custom weapons, armor and vehicles from the Stargate Universe – this includes the Zat’nik’tel, Ma’tok Staff weapon, Serpent Guard armor, F-302 interceptor, Wraith stunner and more!

Continuous Support

StargateMC receives updates on a fortnightly schedule, fixing anything from minor bugs to developing entirely new functionality.

You can report issues or post suggestions on the Github issue tracker, here.