v2.6.4 – 15th July, 2020

New Features:

Chat Channels have been added!

Players may now choose to speak in one of the following chat channels:

  • Universe: Linked with Discord & broadcasts to the whole server.
  • Galaxy: Will chat with players in your local galaxy.
  • System: Will chat with players in your local star system.
  • Planetary: Will chat with players on or in orbit of your world.
  • Local: Will chat with players within 250 blocks of you.
  • Staff: For staff only.
  • Support: For anyone to ask for and receive help!
  • Contributor: General contributor chat. Lets you guys have some privacy.
Several new commands have been added to support chat channels:
  • /sg speakin <channelname> to change which channel you want to speak in.
  • /sg listchannels to show what channels are available
  • /sg speakingin to list what channel you are currently speaking in.


  • The holographic planet selector will no longer render stars/planets outside your local galaxy, as  this was spawning 2,500+ entities into the world each time someone used it.
  • Space and Earth dimensions will no longer show up in the planet selector.


  • None

Known Issues:

  • None

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