v3.7.0 – July 26th, 2020

New Features:

  • Players may now form their own clans, allowing them to share chunk-loaded areas and use the private (clan) or semi private (allies) chat channels!


  • All mods, other than SGCraft, AUNIS and AdvancedRocketry can no longer chunkload.
  • All Chat Messages sent by a player will now have a clan identifier that is color coded based on your relation to them, or shows the clan colors if you’re in that faction or neutral with them.
  • Ring Transporters now use 10% of the energy.


  • DHDs did not correctly register themselves on an OC network when connected some of the time.
  • Fixed an NPE in the Correlative update program when the destination did not have a DHD

Known Issues:

  • The IDSU from GTClassic has not yet been disabled, but soon will be.
  • The Microwave transmitter from GTClassic has not yet been disabled or modified, but will soon be.

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