v3.6.0 – 25th July, 2020

New Features:

  • DHDs can now be controlled and interrogated by computer!
  • The correlative Update program for DHDs has been added!

For more information, contact staff or check out the wiki article on DHDs.


  • Players within 32 blocks of a DHD performing a correlative update will now be informed that is why the stargate is dialing out.
  • Space will temporarily remain loaded all the time until we can identify what is causing TPS spikes when it is unloaded.


  • Naquadah Generators operating at up to Tier 5 think they are running at designed capacity, even if their fuel was Tier 1.
  • Temperature does not display the lang-ified name within the Naquadah Generator Gui.
  • OMT spams the logs with an exception if it tried to save a turret and the owner was offline.
  • New players are disconnected upon login if they are not yet discord linked, killing access to the server for new players.

Known Issues:

  • The IDSU from GTClassic has not yet been disabled, but soon will be.
  • The Microwave transmitter from GTClassic has not yet been disabled or modified, but will soon be.

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