v3.4.1 – July 22nd, 2020

New Features:

  • None


  • The Server Discord bot no longer updates the nickname of all players who are linked every time a player logs in. It instead only updates the player’s nickname who is logging in.
  • Naquadah Generators now show their power output capability even when turned off.


  • Naquadah Generators accept power input from seemingly random sides.
  • The IC2 Tier of the Naquadah Generator does not change when higher tier fuel is added after lower tier is installed and removed.
  • Naquadah Fuel Rod 2 is actually IC2 Tier 1
  • Naquadah Fuel Rod 3 is actually IC2 Tier 2

Known Issues:

  • The IDSU from GTClassic has not yet been disabled, but soon will be.
  • The Microwave transmitter from GTClassic has not yet been disabled or modified, but will soon be.

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