v3.4.0 – 22nd July, 2020

New Features:

  • Naquadah Generators have been added to the game!

Players can elect to use a Naquadah Generator as a low to mid tier power source.

They output energy based on the level of refinement (IC2 Tier 1 to 5) of naquadah that is placed inside them.

To turn a naquadah generator on or off, simply sneak+right click on it.

Note: The ability to manipulate, overload/overclock generators will be added soon!


  • ZPM Consoles now operate as a Tier 10 IC2 power source.
  • “Standard” Superconductive cables from Gregtech now transfer energy up to IC2 Tier 10.
  • “Fat” Superconductive cables now operate up to IC2 Tier 13.
  • The AESU from GT Classic can now step power down from IC2 Tier 10 to Tier 6.
  • “Skinny” Superconductive cables now operate up to IC2 Tier 6.
  • The ZPM Hub has been upgraded, it now operates between IC2 Tiers 11 and 13, depending on how many ZPMs are installed.
  • ZPM energy is now worth 10 times the SG power.


  • ZPMs withdraw and go into ‘negative’ power before depletion.

Known Issues:

  • The IDSU from GTClassic has not yet been disabled, but soon will be.
  • The Microwave transmitter from GTClassic has not yet been disabled or modified, but will soon be.

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