v2.3.8 – 9th July, 2020

New Features:

  • Players can now borrow an SG Team from the SGC Briefing room for up to 30 minutes when on the Assaulting Hasara mission to give them a combat advantage.


  • Force chunk loading into chunk update thread has now been turned off on the client and server side. This should reduce lag when loading chunks but may impact FPS.
  • Players now spawn at the closest friendly base to them if they don’t die somewhere they can respawn locally. This means players may get transported back to the SGC if they are not yet friendly with other areas.
  • Players can now have up to 5 simultaneous followers (excluding when a quest gives you more than 5 simultaneously).


  • Quest follower NPCs do not despawn if you log out.
  • Quest follower NPCs do not despawn if you travel too far from them.

Known Issues:


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