Scheduled Maintenance Notice – 3 hours – 25/6/2020

Hi All,

I’m writing to give you all some great news!

On Thursday, 25/6/2020, we’ll be migrating to a new hosting provider, thanks to our patreons!

This server will provide us with 10x the network bandwidth, 3,000x the storage speed, 5x the CPU and 3x the memory speeds, whilst covering us with premium, enterprise level support.

For those who are interested, the specifications will be:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 6-core

Memory: 32GB DDR4 2666Mhz

SSD: 500GB NVME drive x2 (Raided for redundancy)

Network Bandwidth: 1GBps

I expect that we’ll be offline for approximately 3 hours during this time – the exact time will depend on when the server is available, so I’ll keep you all posted.




– Fixes bug where using the TAN Thermometer would crash the client (AR temperature code is called server side only)
– Removes combat regeneration from non-boss NPCs
– Sets Base combat regeneration for all wraith to 2 hearts per second
– Adds various NPC dialog texts where placeholders previously existed


– Bugfix: Every time an NPC refreshed, the damage it does with ranged weapons doubled, resulting in 1 hit kills on players.
– Change: Players will no longer respawn on a world that is controlled or inhabited by a hostile NPC faction if they die.


– Fixes existing gates needing power by patching SGBaseTE.onServerUpdate()
– Fixes new protected gates needing power by patching StructureHandler.attemptToSpawnAt()
– RandomPatches timeout values has been set to the default temporarily to debug why dialog syncing doesnt occur between client and server