Live Update – June 22nd, 2020

This update’s build is v0.0.400 and includes:

Developer’s note:

There are some changes to how things work in this release, with travel times and power costs among them.

Please report if you think something costs too much or too little energy or time on GitHub here!

We will release hotfixes as needed.

New Features:

  • Mekanism Induction Matrix’s (Really big battery banks) can now be used as an alterative to zero point modules, by having the stargate directly draw from it as long as it is in range – but they take forever to charge and are incredibly expensive.


  • Stargates now require more power in general when dialling.
  • Destiny and Alterran galaxies are now significantly further away.
  • Coordinates for each of the local group of galaxies are now more spread out.
  • Stargates can now draw from integrated power sources (such as ZPMs or the Induction Matrix) up to 7 blocks away from the stargate base block.


  • Groups of ZPMs are no longer ignored as a power source by stargates if one of them is depleted.
  • Player nicknames should now be updated on discord correctly when you link your account. You’ll get a DM on discord from the bot each time this happens
  • Advanced Rocketry ticks all dimensions, rather than just those that are loaded, causing TPS spikes.

Known Issues:


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