Live Update – June 14th, 2020

This fortnight’s release is build v1.12.2-0.0.257 and includes:

New Features:

  • Universe Stargates have been added as the new ‘Tier 1’ of stargates. Crafting a stargate without any upgrades will now result in a universe gate.
    Universe gates do not integrate with ancient zero point module technology directly and consume 30% more power when dialled, but they do dial out faster than both MilkyWay and Pegasus designs as the ancients designed them to be their quick and nasty gate solution.
  • We’re now using a new Discord Integration mod. This should not result in any visible changes for players. It should also mean the server no longer hangs on startup!


  • Usage of Pegasus Gate Type Upgrade items now require a ‘MilkyWay’ aka. Tier 2 stargate.
  • A new MilkyWay Gate Type Upgrade item has been added to facilitate upgrading a gate from Tier 1 to 2.
  • Universe style stargates will now be used during world generation in the Destiny and Alterran home galaxies.
  • Ida and Othala galaxies will now have a 90% chance to have a MilkyWay gate spawn during world generation, with the remaining 10% of the Pegasus variety.
  • MilkyWay stargates now use 15% more power when dialling out
  • ZPM Consoles will now only integrate with MilkyWay and Pegasus type stargates.
  • ZPM Consoles now have a loss rate of 15% when drawing power from ZPMs. (100% extracted, 115% consumed)
  • ZPM Interface Carts (Tauri Design) now have a loss rate of 30% when drawing power from ZPMs. (100% extracted, 130% consumed)
  • ZPM Hubs now only integrate directly with a Pegasus type stargate.


  • Computers cannot dial a stargate (
  • Ring Transporter has no recipe (
  • MFFS items have no recipe (
  • Server log spam in StargateMC Coremod (
  • Wolf NPCs are too strong (
  • Ink has no recipe (
  • AR Gas Mining doesnt work (
  • Food doesnt restore reasonable health for players (

Known Issues:

  • Stargate blocks still only have a Milkyway texture until a gate is formed

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