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Hi All,

As you can see with this week’s update, we’re making great headway toward releasing Destiny before July.

I’m holding off on roleplay content for now, as I feel that we can help fill out the universe more rapidly by focusing on three key areas for the next 6 weeks:

  • Stabilising and optimising core game mechanics (such as stargates, rings and ships)
  • Getting the spawn areas into the game (SGC, Atlantis, Destiny)
  • Populating the universe with NPC mobs and non-complex interactive NPCs, such as vendors or soldiers from various factions

Once we move on from the above in July/August I’ll be focusing on balancing out things and allowing players to become evil if they so choose through September and October – befriending the Wraith, Goauld, Replicators or The Ori loyalists.. before finally, at the end of this year having ‘version 1.0’ released.

In the meantime I’m hoping to get some help with:

  • Designing & Building (or locating a schematic/world save) that could suit us for Celestis, Asgard homeworlds in Ida and Othala, A replicator stronghold, Wraith stronghold and Goauld stronghold…. the reason for so many is to give players a spawn hub no matter what faction they choose to befriend in any galaxy.
  •  Learning CustomNPCs and creating NPC mobs for the server.

Feel free to hit me up anytime with questions, issues or ideas, or voice your ideas on the issue tracker to see if they stand up to the test of other player’s feedback 🙂 

Happy gating! 




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