– Fixes bug where using the TAN Thermometer would crash the client (AR temperature code is called server side only)
– Removes combat regeneration from non-boss NPCs
– Sets Base combat regeneration for all wraith to 2 hearts per second
– Adds various NPC dialog texts where placeholders previously existed


– Bugfix: Every time an NPC refreshed, the damage it does with ranged weapons doubled, resulting in 1 hit kills on players.
– Change: Players will no longer respawn on a world that is controlled or inhabited by a hostile NPC faction if they die.


– Fixes existing gates needing power by patching SGBaseTE.onServerUpdate()
– Fixes new protected gates needing power by patching StructureHandler.attemptToSpawnAt()
– RandomPatches timeout values has been set to the default temporarily to debug why dialog syncing doesnt occur between client and server