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The Stargate, for those not familiar with the movies and/or TV show is a device capable of almost instantaneously transporting anything that fits through the ring shaped device between immensely distant locations. It is frequently used throughout the Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe TV shows to transport humans between stars in the Milky Way, Pegasus Galaxy and even as far as 3 billion light years from Earth.

Stargates on StargateMC are based upon the fantastic work by Greg Ewing in the SGCraft Minecraft mod, with a few tweaks to make the experience a little more in-depth.



The following materials are required to build a basic seven chevron stargate:

  • 8 Stargate Ring Blocks
  • 7 Stargate Chevron Blocks
  • 1 Stargate Base Block
Build Pattern
Upgrading to a Nine Chevron Stargate

Players can upgrade a Seven Chevron stargate at any time to a Nine Chevron stargate by installing a Chevron Upgrade into the base block. Disassembling the gate will drop the upgrade, except in the case of server generated stargates.


DHD (Dial-Home-Device or Stargate Controller)

The DHD provides a simple interface to dial the gate and shutdown an outgoing wormhole.

Computer Interface

On StargateMC, only OpenComputers is capable of interfacing with a Stargate via a Stargate Computer Interface block.

Methods available:

ciCloseIris()Close the Iris installed in the stargate connected to the computer interface, if one is installed.
ciOpenIris()Open the Iris installed in the stargate connected to the computer interface, if one is installed.
ciIrisState()Returns the state of the installed Iris (eg: Open/Opening/Closing/Closed), or Offline if no Iris is present.
ciDisconnect()Disconnects the attached stargate if possible.
ciLocalAddress()Returns the address of the stargate attached to the computer.
ciDial(address)Sends a request to the attached stargate to dial the specified address.
ciRemoteAddress()This would normally return the address of the stargate dialing the one attached to this computer, but it is disabled in this version of SGCraft.
ciEnergyToDial(address)Returns the power required to dial the specified address from the stargate attached to the computer.


7 Chevron Stargates

7 Chevron stargates are designed for in-system transportation between locations and are incapable of communicating with 9 Chevron stargates.

7 Chevron stargates have a completely random 7 symbol address that is generated each time they are constructed, meaning if a gate is disassembled and rebuilt it will obtain a new address.

9 Chevron Stargates

Nine Chevron stargates are designed for long distance transportation and inherit the designation of the stellar body they are orbiting or on the surface of as their Stargate Address.

Note when dialing a 9 chevron stargate you can use various dialing shortcuts.

Dialling Shortcuts
  • When in the same galaxy as a destination stargate, only the first 7 symbols are mandatory when dialing one 9 chevron stargate to another.
  • When in the same galactic cluster (Hyperspace) as a destination stargate, only the first 8 symbols are mandatory when dialing one 9 chevron stargate to another.


Stargates have several methods of powering them.

Dial Home Device

A DHD aka. Dial Home Device (or Stargate Controller in traditional SGCraft) is capable of accepting raw naquadah.


A Zero Point Module placed in a ZPM Cart, Console, or Hub within five blocks of the stargate can power it.

Stargate Power Interface Units

Stargate Power Interface Units output through the top to either a stargate. It can accept eu or rf power from any side or the bottom.

Safety Precautions / Device Restrictions

  • The Vortex created by a stable wormhole being formed will vaporize anything (including players) within 7 blocks of a stargate in the initial two seconds after dialing completes.
  • Interruption of an active stargate’s functioning via disassembly or damage will result in the device detonating with an explosion similar to a nuclear weapon. The gate on the other end will simply disconnect.
  • Stargates will communicate with a Advanced Rocketry warp core and prevent jumping if active. This is done to prevent tears in the fabric of space-time.
  • 9 Chevron Stargates cannot dial out if another fully formed 9 chevron stargate is within 500,000 blocks (the same system). Dialing will be aborted by the gate’s safety mechanisms.
  • In a case where multiple 9 Chevron stargates exist in a system, the newest placed gate will still be able to accept incoming connections.
  • The oldest 9 Chevron Stargate in a system will report the location of the newest one in the case where there are multiple stargates in the same system when dialing fails. This will change when the sensor system is introduced.
  • Stargates within 50,000 blocks of each-other will generate interference with the operation of both and prevent their use in any way, shape or form. This prevents the use of a stargate for transportation within the same planetary system (between a planet and its moons) or a 7 Chevron gate from functioning on the same world as a 9 Chevron one.
  • Stargates will not accept incoming wormholes in the same system as a Black Hole or Neutron Star by default due to the obvious hazards created by these celestial bodies.
  • 9 Chevron Stargates cannot function outside the immediate gravity well of a star, planet or moon. This means they need to be in orbit of, or on the surface of a planet/moon/star.


Dialling ErrorExplanationResolution
Stargate has insufficient energy (– % of required)Stargate has insufficient power available to dial the destination gateProvide more energy to the stargate or dial a different stargate
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