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Spacecraft in StargateMC are provided by the Advanced Rocketry mod… and behave very similarly to the official version of the Mod, available here.

How they work

They are effectively a pocket dimension, where players can build a ship up to 1,000 x 1,000 wide and the dimension moves with you when you launch into FTL. Players require life support to stay aboard, either in the form of oxygen vents and sealed areas or a Space Suit.

When to use them

Many worlds in StargateMC, as well as stellar bodies such as stars or black holes can only be visited via space craft – simply put Stargates are not everywhere.

As such, players can use spacecraft to:

  • Create a pocket dimension that is unreachable and effectively ungriefable (provided the gate onboard has an iris that is configured, ring platforms are blocked and you have not shared your Station ID chips with anyone).
  • Transport their base with them when moving between worlds – while in FTL you can still walk around your ship and play as normal and it will even keep flying with you offline!
  • Visit or orbit worlds and stars unreachable by Stargate or Ring Platform
  • Protect themselves against getting stuck due to the destruction of the stargate or ring platform that they used to arrive on a world
  • Render assistance to players in a nearby star system who have had their gate or ring platform rendered unusable.
  • Cheaply transport themselves between galaxies in the local group, but at a cost of time… with the journey taking several hours.

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