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StargateMC’s Core customisations, or CoreMod are a significant integration between many mods, including Tough as Nails, Advanced Rocketry, SGCraft, CustomNpcs and many more.

This allows us to provide a consistent experience for players, that matches, as close as we can, to Canon.

Core Features

Chat Channels

The Chat channel feature is built from the ground up to mimic the functionality seen in bukkit plugins like HeroChat, whilst retaining Forge as the server’s Core.

StargateMC’s Coremod provides the following commands;

  • /sg speakin [channel]
  • /sg listchannels
  • /sg mute [channel]
  • /sg unmute [channel]

By default players have access to speak in the universe channel, which is linked to Discord and it even has a clan and allies chat for people who wish to set up a FTBUtilities Team.


StargateMC’s coremod does not protect player builds, however, it does protect roleplay areas, as well as points of interest on inhabited and controlled buildable worlds as well (such as the gate, or an NPC owned structure).

This allows players to have a consistent experience, ensuring that all roleplay or npc-interactable areas remain for future players and are not destroyed.

World Generation

The Coremod itself is responsible for generation of Structures, during Minecraft World Generation.

This includes the stargates you see on planets throughout the universe.

In addition to this, using a custom structure format, we’ve created the ability to turn any Minecraft NBT or .schematic file into part of our world generation, allowing for crowd sourcing of custom content you see off-world.

Anyone who creates a schematic for us will have their name displayed prominently any time someone visits any of the instances of your structure in-game.

NPC Engine

The NPC Engine is what handles spawning of NPCs in the structure system, as well as manually by staff throughout the universe.

This is what defines our NPC races, their strengths, weaknesses, textures etc.

It ensures that a few things are possible, namely:

  • NPCs are consistent with the template we set
  • All NPCs of the same type (eg: Soldiers) are balanced between races
  • Randomly generated daily quests are possible.
  • Vendors update their traded items each day.

There will be roleplay content added, with a proper storyline in the future, which will be done by hand – the NPC engines purpose is to fill out the universe and make it feel more alive.

Custom Races for Players

Players who choose a race are provided with a custom model, along with behaviors to go with that – eg: weaker/stronger/bigger/smaller.

StargateMC’s coremod extends the MorePlayerModels mod to provide players with the ability to fully immerse themselves in a race, by becoming one of them.

Canon Tweaks

There are dozens of ‘tweaks’ to other mods sitting in the coremod presently, including:

  • Atmosphere and temperature checks for Advanced Rocketry & Tough As Nails
  • Hooks for SGCraft and ICBM to respect protection and check a player’s race

This is just some of the features the coremod provides…. more documentation coming soon !

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