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The Asgard are a highly developed, philanthropic race with colonies in both the Ida and Othala galaxies which visited and protected humans on Earth and elsewhere. When interacting with early humans, they posed as beneficent protective gods, eventually giving rise to the Norse mythology on Earth.

Part of the Alliance of Four Great Races, they were among the most advanced races in the known universe, matched only by the Ancients, the Nox, and possibly the Furlings (not including the Planet Builders). They assumed the role of protectors of the Milky Way galaxy and later passed that role down to the Tau’ri, to whom they gifted all of their knowledge and technology. (SG1: “Thor’s Hammer“, “Thor’s Chariot“, “The Fifth Race“, “Unending“)

Native To

Othala and Ida Galaxies.

Eligible for Factions

  • Crew of Daedalus
  • Crew of Apollo
  • Crew of Odyssey
  • Asgard
  • Asgard Reclaimation Forces

Ideal For

Players who are less keen on physical strength, or height, instead opting for non-combat racial perks like increased crafting efficiency, faster than light piloting skill, ascension rate and reputation gains.


Average Height1.2mAverage height of this race’s population.
Average Weight30kgAverage weight of this race’s population.
Atmospheric PressureNormal, LowAtmospheric pressures this race can survive in unaided.
TemperatureCold, TemperateTemperatures this race can survive in unaided.
Reputation Gain1.25xRate this faction gains reputation with others when performing tasks that aid their interests.
Reputation Loss0.75xRate this race loses reputation with others when performing tasks that go against their interests.
FTL Piloting Speed+100%Advanced Rocketry ship travel speed, when players of this race are piloting.
Ascension Rate+30%Rate that this faction ascends, allowing a player to change race, faction or become an Ascended Being.
Strength-50%Bonus or penalty to melee damage dealt.
Resilience-50%Bonus or penalty to damage taken.
Crafting Expertise+10%Chance to have part of crafting materials refunded when manually crafting an item.
A Negative value refers to chance to cost more and if a player has insufficient materials crafting will fail.

Planned Racial Penalties & Perks

  • Thirst (How often this race has to drink) (1.2x normal)
  • Hunger (How often this race has to eat) (1.2x normal)
  • Reduction in Movement speed (-10%)

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