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Ancients or The Ancients, also known as Ancestors/The Ancestors, Lanteans, and Gate Builders, or Anquietas in their language, were those Alterans who left their home galaxy for the Milky Way and seeded it with life. They are one of the most advanced races known to have existed, having evolved for millions of years prior to the present day and reaching their level of technology long before humanity evolved on Earth. They are best known as the builders of the Stargates, Atlantis, and Destiny. Most of the Ancients have ascended to a higher plane of existence with near infinite knowledge and powerful abilities.

Native To

  • Alterran Home Galaxy
  • Pegasus Galaxy

Eligible for Factions

  • Ancient
  • Ancient Resistance
  • Atlantis Expedition

Ideal For

Players who are keen on being human, but with some perks only available to the ancients, such as increased crafting efficiency and a significantly faster ascension rate.


Average Height1.8mAverage height of this race’s population.
Average Weight90kgAverage weight of this race’s population.
Atmospheric PressureNormalAtmospheric pressures this race can survive in unaided.
TemperatureCold, Temperate,
Temperatures this race can survive in unaided.
Reputation Gain1.5xRate this faction gains reputation with others when performing tasks that aid their interests.
Reputation Loss1.2xRate this race loses reputation with others when performing tasks that go against their interests.
FTL Piloting Speed+75%Advanced Rocketry ship travel speed, when players of this race are piloting.
Ascension Rate+40%Rate that this faction ascends, allowing a player to change race, faction or become an Ascended Being.
Strength+10%Bonus or penalty to melee damage dealt.
Resilience+10%Bonus or penalty to damage taken.
Crafting Expertise+3%Chance to have part of crafting materials refunded when manually crafting an item.
A Negative value refers to chance to cost more and if a player has insufficient materials crafting will fail.

Planned Racial Penalties & Perks

  • Will require less food and water.
  • Will regenerate health naturally whilst out of combat.

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