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About us

StargateMC started as a project in 2012, whereby its creator and a bunch of friends started trialling various bukkit plugins and eventually the SGCraft mod.

It has developed into an ambitious goal to create a sandbox universe for players to explore and interact with many of the factions from the show, as well as travel around a large universe by stargate, transport ring or FTL capable starship!

When you connect for the first time…

When you connect to the server for the first time, you’ll spawn at a hub of sorts, not unlike many other Minecraft Servers.

When you’re here, you will be able to interact with your guide, Oma Desala and speak with representatives from each of the 30 factions that are playable in StargateMC’s universe, before ultimately deciding to join one of them, taking on their form, their ideology and their place in the universe.

After you have decided on a race, speak with your representative in the Welcome Area and confirm your selection, before using the address they provide to gate off-world and into the home world or flagship for your choice.

From there, familiarize yourself with your initial base of operations before gating off world in your local galaxy to get started playing!

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