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What is it in StargateMC?

Ascension in StargateMC provides players with six perks in particular, namely:

  • The ability to change your race (resetting reputations and sacrificing your ascension)
  • Access to Creative Worlds (without a shared inventory)
  • The ability to travel anywhere in the universe by stargate, for free (?)
  • No longer feel hunger, thirst, cold, heat, or require air to breathe.
  • The ability to turn into a glowing light, immune from damage by non-ascended beings.

Players can elect to seek out the ascended around the universe and perform tasks for them, even protect them from harm, to earn reputation.

Once you become friendly, Oma will approach you and offer up a choice….

Trials of the Ascended

Whilst Ascended a player must avoid interacting with, striking or killing another living being.

In fact, simply being around them can risk your ascension being stripped from you.

A player will rapidly lose reputation with the Ascended if they do not adhere to this, potentially stranding them naked on a random planet somewhere.

Chance to be forcefully descended

Chances to be taken by the others and forcefully stripped of your ascension are as follows.

Note, players will always be left with their original race when they are dumped naked on a planet near a gate.

Interaction with NPC: 0.0001% Chance

Being within 128 blocks of a non-ascended player: 0.001% Chance / tick

Striking a Mob: 0.05% Chance

Striking an NPC: 1% Chance

Striking a Player: 2% Chance

Killing a Mob: 2% Chance

Killing an NPC: 5% Chance

Killing a Player: 10% Chance

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