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The Free Jaffa Nation is an interplanetary state of various Jaffa planets in the Milky Way and is based on Dakara.

It was formed by Rebel Jaffa in the wake of the downfall of the Goa’uld Empire.

In StargateMC

Stargate Command operate out of the Milky Way Galaxy, from the homeworld of the Tauri.

Players may join the SGC themselves!

Ideal For

Players who want to be the all round good guy, with no significant penalties or bonuses and easy access to fast travel options to multiple locations.


Physical Size1.0xPhysical size of this faction’s population.
Atmospheric PressureNormalAtmospheric pressures this faction can survive in unaided.
TemperatureCold, Temperate, HotTemperatures this faction can survive in unaided.
Fast TravelAlterran, Ida, Pegasus, Destiny Galaxies this faction has free travel perks in.
Reputation Gain1.1xRate this faction gains reputation with others when performing tasks that aid their interests.
Reputation Loss0.9xRate this faction loses reputation with others when performing tasks that go against their interests.
FTL Piloting Speed+25%Advanced Rocketry ship travel speed, when players of this faction are piloting.
Ascension Rate1.0xRate that this faction ascends, allowing a player to change race, faction or become an Ascended Being.
Strength0%Bonus or penalty to melee damage dealt.
Resilience0%Bonus or penalty to damage taken.
Crafting Expertise+1%Chance to have part of crafting materials refunded when manually crafting an item.
A Negative value refers to chance to cost more and if a player has insufficient materials crafting will fail.
Item SpecialisationGDOItems that players have easy access to that are unique to the faction.
Mod SpecializationFlans: Modern Weapons & ArmorMods this faction has easy access to items from.

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