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Crew of Midway


The Midway space station was a space station located in the Void between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies, serving as the midpoint of the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge.

In StargateMC

The Crew of Midway are the only non-starter faction in the StargateMC universe – this is due to their being so isolated and having one of the best fast travel perks.

Players must either obtain friendly status with Stargate Command or Atlantis Expedition to be able to dial Midway from Earth or Atlantis.

Players may become part of the Crew of Midway if they wish, once they have obtained Friendly status.

Ideal For

Players who spend their time split between Pegasus and Milky Way.


Physical Size+0%The Tauri are average sized.
Atmospheric PressureNormalThis race can survive in normal pressure atmospheres unaided.
TemperatureNormalThis race can survive in very cold, cold, warm and hot environments unaided.
Fast TravelMilky Way to PegasusEarth <> Atlantis : 1 Minecraft day quarantine
Reputation Gain5%This race earns respect from other NPC factions slower than others.
Reputation Loss-15%This race loses respect from other NPC factions faster, meaning it struggles to hold onto good relations with others.
FTL Piloting Speed-25%This race has can travel by ship significantly faster than others.
Ascension Rate0%This race gains reputation with the Ascended faction slower, meaning it is harder to gain access to Creative worlds and the ability to choose another race (resetting reputations).
Strength0%This race is stronger than most, meaning damage output from it to mobs, npcs and players is higher.
Resilience0%This race is stronger than most, meaning it takes less damage than others when struck with the same blow.
Crafting Expertise+1%This race has a 1% chance to refund some of the crafting materials when an item is crafted by hand.
SpecializationStargatesThe Crew of Midway are experts in all things Stargate, having modified their own to ensure the gate bridge is functional.

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