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Atlantis Expedition


Stargate Command (abbreviated to SGC) is a top-secret military organization founded and led by the United States Air Force in conjunction with the International Oversight Advisory, tasked with operating the Stargate device and all matters pertaining to things offworld, such as threats to Earth or missions to procure new technology from extraterrestrial civilizations. It is based inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado, code named “Area 52”. (SG1: “Politics“)

In StargateMC

Stargate Command operate out of the Milky Way Galaxy, from the homeworld of the Tauri.

Players may join the SGC themselves!

Ideal For

Players who want to be the all round good guy, with no significant penalties or bonuses and easy access to fast travel options to multiple locations.


Physical Size+0%The Tauri are average sized.
Atmospheric PressureNormalThis race can survive in normal pressure atmospheres unaided.
TemperatureVery Cold -> HotThis race can survive in very cold, cold, warm and hot environments unaided.
Fast TravelAlterran Home, Ida, Pegasus, Destiny galaxiesThe Tauri have perks that allow fast travel between all galaxies except Othala.
Earth <> Destiny: 30 day cooldown
Earth <> Alterran: 30 day cooldown
Earth <> Apollo: 7 day cooldown
Earth <> Atlantis: 7 day cooldown

Reputation with the destination is required for two way transit!
Reputation Gain5%This race earns respect from other NPC factions slower than others.
Reputation Loss-5%This race loses respect from other NPC factions faster, meaning it struggles to hold onto good relations with others.
FTL Piloting Speed0%This race has can travel by ship significantly slower than others.
Ascension Rate0%This race gains reputation with the Ascended faction slower, meaning it is harder to gain access to Creative worlds and the ability to choose another race (resetting reputations).
Strength0%This race is stronger than most, meaning damage output from it to mobs, npcs and players is higher.
Resilience0%This race is stronger than most, meaning it takes less damage than others when struck with the same blow.
Crafting Expertise+1%This race has a 5% chance to duplicate crafted items, when crafted by hand.
Mod SpecialisationTo be announcedThe SGC faction does not yet have a specialized mod. It will before August 1.

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