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Artificial life-forms composed of nanites, introduced in episode “Progeny” of season 3 of Stargate Atlantis. Asurans are similar to the human-form Replicators of Stargate SG-1 and so are called that in the show. The Asurans were created by the Ancients to combat the Wraith but were ultimately abandoned, and seemingly destroyed by the Ancients, for being too dangerous, although they were not the weapon against the Wraith the Ancients believed they could be. Extremely aggressive, a small number of nanites thrived and eventually built an advanced civilization.

In StargateMC

The Asurans operate out of the Pegasus galaxy, attacking the wraith, whilst also being hostile toward the Tauri, but no the Ancients.

Players may join and become an Asuran themselves!

Ideal For

Players who wish to stir up trouble and benefit from the increased strength and survivability of being a Replicator (Asuran), access to certain ancient technologies as well as to not have to worry about picking a habitable planet.


Physical Size+0%The Asurans are average in size.
Atmospheric PressureNone -> HighThis race can survive in low, normal and high pressure atmospheres unaided, as well as in non-frozen atmosphereless environments.
TemperatureVery Cold -> HotThis race can survive in very cold, cold, warm and hot environments unaided.
It cannot survive in a frozen environment, such as space, without something to warm the environment around it.
Fast TravelN/AThe Asuran have no fast travel perks.
Reputation Gain-30%This race earns respect from other NPC factions slower than others.
Reputation Loss+30%This race loses respect from other NPC factions faster, meaning it struggles to hold onto good relations with others.
FTL Piloting Speed+30%This race has can travel by ship significantly faster than others.
Ascension Rate-50%This race gains reputation with the Ascended faction slower, meaning it is harder to gain access to Creative worlds and the ability to choose another race (resetting reputations).
Strength+80%This race is stronger than most, meaning damage output from it to mobs, npcs and players is higher.
Resilience+80%This race is stronger than most, meaning it takes less damage than others when struck with the same blow.
Crafting Expertise+10%This race has a 10% chance to duplicate crafted items, when crafted by hand.
Mod SpecialisationTo be announcedThe Asuran race does not yet have a specialized mod. It will before August 1.

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