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The Asgard were a highly developed, philanthropic race with colonies in both the Ida and Othala galaxies which visited and protected humans on Earth and elsewhere. When interacting with early humans, they posed as beneficent protective gods, eventually giving rise to the Norse mythology on Earth.

In StargateMC

The Asgard operate out of the new Homeworld, in the Othala Galaxy, whilst the Asgard Reclaimation Force, lead by Thor, is in Ida fighting the replicators with the aid of the Tauri x304, Apollo to re-take their ancestral home.

Players may join either faction of the Asgard and play.

Ideal For

Players who wish to avoid fighting, craft their own ship and explore the universe, befriending other races.


Physical Size-30%The Asgard are significantly smaller than other races.
Atmospheric PressureLow -> NormalThis race can survive in low and normal pressure atmospheres unaided.
TemperatureCold -> WarmThis race can survive in cold and normal temperature environments unaided.
Fast TravelIda to Othala The Asgard factions in StargateMC are provided with the ability to dial once a week between the spawn of the Asgard and Asgard Reclaimation Force factions.
Reputation Gain+20%This race earns respect from other NPC factions faster than others.
Reputation Loss-20%This race loses respect from other NPC factions slower, meaning it retains good relations easier.
FTL Piloting Speed+50%This race has can travel by ship significantly faster than others.
Ascension Rate+25%This race gains reputation with the Ascended faction faster, providing quicker access to Creative worlds and the ability to choose another race (resetting reputations).
Strength-50%This race is weaker than most, meaning damage output from it to mobs, npcs and players is lower.
Resilience-50%This race is weaker than most, meaning it takes more damage than others when struck with the same blow.
Crafting Expertise+5%This race has a 5% chance to duplicate crafted items, when crafted by hand.
Mod SpecialisationAdvanced RocketryThis race specializes in starship creation, meaning it has access to cheaper vendors selling components from the Advanced Rocketry mod and will include them in quest rewards more often.

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