– Adds /sg getsysteminfo command for players, showing information about the star system the player is in, the celestial bodies in system and detailed information on the position, atmosphere and temperature of a planet. This also includes NPC habitation and player discovery information.


– A new Trader type has been added: Currency, allowing players to exchange currency up or down between the three item types – going up will always cost the same, however selling again varies in price.
– All buy orders now provide players with between 50 and 80 percent of purchase prices when they sell an item to a trader.


– Players will no longer be warned that the server will be reset in its entirety upon login
– Players can now use the /sg doomworld command to schedule a non-roleplay world to be reset with a 7 day countdown.
– The daily report of worlds that are expiring will now only state the number of days until the world will be reset, rather than the full time down to the second.