– Players using the /sg placenpc command now only need to specify the type of npc t hey wish to spawn in (Banker,Trader, Civilian, Soldier, Common_Boss,Uncommon_Boss,Rare_Boss,Legendary_Boss)
– NPCs can no longer be placed within 2 blocks of eachother using /sg placenpc
– NPCs now have per-type and global limits for density, preventing people just placing npcs randomly
– Traders now have at least 10 items for sale/purchase at a time, instead of using a random number between 0 and 17 we use 9 to 17.


– Players can now place NPCs on roleplay worlds, provided they are friendly with the faction in a restricted manner, subject to density and type based limits using the /sg placenpc [type] [faction] command.


– WrappedItem.isCore() is now settable via config/WrappedItems.csv allowing for items to be defined as core within their type, allowing for them to always be added to vendors.
– Up to 8 core items will now be bought or sold by Traders.
– Up to 10 non-core items will now be bought or sold by Traders.


– Fixed bug in coremod that prevented any item from being added to the WrappedItem Index.
– Fixed bug in InteractionHandler.transform() that caused NPCs and structures to fail to spawn correctly as a result of an unhandled exception.
– Fixed a bug in PerWorldData.getNickname() that caused exceptions to be thrown when a world hasnt got a nickname.
– Fixed a bug in WrappedItem.getRandomItem() which returned null in some circumstances instead of WrappedItem.NULL.