– Fixes existing gates needing power by patching SGBaseTE.onServerUpdate()
– Fixes new protected gates needing power by patching StructureHandler.attemptToSpawnAt()
– RandomPatches timeout values has been set to the default temporarily to debug why dialog syncing doesnt occur between client and server


– Contributors can now check out some of the upcoming features during a closed beta of the august release.
– Players can now select a starting race: Asgard, Wraith, Replicator, Asuran, Lucian, Tauri, Tokra, Jaffa, Goauld, Ori, Ancient, Nakai
– Players can now elect to start in any factions homeworld!
– Players can now explore all six of the StargateMC galaxies.
– Players during the beta can use /sg resetme at any time to reset their race, faction and teleport to the welcome area to check out another race or faction.