Scheduled Maintenance Notice – 3 hours – 25/6/2020

Hi All,

I’m writing to give you all some great news!

On Thursday, 25/6/2020, we’ll be migrating to a new hosting provider, thanks to our patreons!

This server will provide us with 10x the network bandwidth, 3,000x the storage speed, 5x the CPU and 3x the memory speeds, whilst covering us with premium, enterprise level support.

For those who are interested, the specifications will be:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 6-core

Memory: 32GB DDR4 2666Mhz

SSD: 500GB NVME drive x2 (Raided for redundancy)

Network Bandwidth: 1GBps

I expect that we’ll be offline for approximately 3 hours during this time – the exact time will depend on when the server is available, so I’ll keep you all posted.




This Release does the following:
– Fix of Textures
– Adds Atlantis and Destiny to the PDD by default
– Implementation of the Ender Chest Ban: Ender Chests that are now mined will be deleted at pickup, Ender Chests cant be moved with cardboard boxes anymore. All remaining blocks will be wiped from the Server in 2 Weeks. Temporary Ender Chests have been or will be placed at various Root Spawns.
– Adds the Mod WebDisplays